On the road

Packaging Concept


Performing a packaging for Apparatu’s vase that has to travel from his studio in Barcelona to the buyer’s home who lives in London. Along the course of it’s trip the packaging has to interfere with the content. 


We workout different ways to produce one/off pieces that feet’s into the new century life style consumption system, giving to the objects a deeper personality that talks about them selves as an objects with certain roles or ethos into the society, like the shock proof vase from Tjep available at Droog that explore the behavior of a ceramic and silicon vase into it packaging without any protection.

Directions to follow:

The road movie is a film genre where the protagonist scape or breaks his everyday life traveling from one point to another Easy Rider or Bony & Clay or Airbag, are examples of invented fiction where the course of the travel effects the main characters and make them grow. The adventures and the situations in which they find them selves changes the character and its viewing point is transformed until de end.

In our case, the main character is a piece of Xavi that must travel from A to B. 

To know what can happen to it we need to go through this:

Study the character and appearance of the object to contain, analyse curves, angles and cavities, porous of surfaces, enamel, colour, orientation of the object; top or bottom, sides. Weight and structure, walls and dimensions.
Study the trip of the object to be made, from the very first beginning when it is introduced into the pack until it is opened from the buyer at their house. How many hands went trough it and what each of them has done to it, in which other containers may have been, what distance travelled and in which transport, it flown or by boat? Bike or scooter? What kind of graphic signal this distribution channel has?

Study the types of packaging intended for postal services and its signage, knowing its features will be able to understand the operation without working at the post office!

 Finally, how can we hack the postal system?

 How to change several stages that goes by, and how to manipulate those stages to our own convenience, How can we make it travels by boat or plane to change the time of the trip? How we can modify its existence along the route? And how we can make these changes interfere and affect the content?

The packaging not only interacts with the environment, the environment also interacts with it

Define what and how

Once we deeply know how the transport and handling of the parcel will be from Xavier’s hands to its opening by the client. We decide in which stage we will like to work and hack building the experience we want for the parcel to be in. This specific hacking will interact with the ceramic piece giving it the signals and the trace of what has happened decorating on the same go the piece.

Workshop designed for Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja. _2014