Why $ What % How !

During the summer between first and second year of my master in Design Product at the Royal College of Art, I’ve been applying for several scholarships including the extension of which gave me first academic year, sadly without success. The financial situation gets very difficult and the desperation in to how to pay the second year lead me to the idea to pawing my future. To do that I articulate a grant project called "How I Became in a Financial product" or "win-win deal", the idea is to sell myself giving as a guaranty that I’m student at the most prestigious school in the world where the graduates get the maximum projection ever, of course more than questionable issue every year big amount student get or build they own economy. Is a project that develop the idea of added value and how it happens.

If you are an inhabitant of Sybaris or want to make a sybarite investment this is your chance!

This is an initiative that comes after the refusal to extend my scholarship to study in the world's most prestigious school, the, Royal College of Arts in London, so I see myself out of a sense duty and pleasure as having to to sell part of my future at a very low cost.
This is just a simple choice of options: I would prefer my family, friends and friends of friends to make money from my future rather than having to give back the money to a bank + interests

For only 2 pounds a month you can get 0.04% of my net earnings from the first 3 years after I finish my masters at the Royal College Of arts.

Of course you can buy one or more shares, but a person or entity may never have more than 50; the intention is that it is shared among many to make this sale a social action.

This is a super low cost investment that may or may not work. The point is that with the price of a beer, ice cream, a pack of chewing gum, the fee that the bank charges you to make a transfer, I will be able to continue studying and at some point hopefully generate cash to the level that a graduate of this school generates in London.

This, is intended to be a serious investment and transparent. There is a contract that is valid from the day of purchase and this will be sent to the new shareholder. The new shareholder will then be a member of an exclusive group of friends.

Communication and design Project by

Bendita Gloria