tupa stool

tupa stool

Tupa stool is an original, atypical kind of stool that creates strange expectations as to its function and appearance, It combines the use of cork, a relatively approachable material, naturally coloured, with metal, in shapes and colours that customize the item, giving it a fun, playful character.

Is one of the five member of Parkids collection made for Marina68 studio with Cristian Montesinos. This collection was characterized by its duality within the real and imaginary function..

The design is intended to breathe personality into a lifeless object, Contact with cork is unforgettable: its velvety texture and the feeling of warmth that it gives make it an extraordinary material, suitable for making contact with the user.

Material Solid Cork, Metal

Date 2008


2009 Diseño Injuve. Selection

Exhibit at

2009 Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid,

2009 Artendencia, Madrid

2010 MAMBO, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota. Colombia

2010 Efervescente, Universidad de Palermo, Communication and design department. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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